Federal Reforms Are Badly Needed

By: Lou Gale Our federal constitution dates back to the 18th Century.  By comparison, the Illinois Constitution dates all the way back to 1977, when I was just three years old.  That fact alone indicates our nation needs a constitutional refresher.  Congressman Sean Casten recently released a package of government reforms called a Common SenseContinue reading “Federal Reforms Are Badly Needed”

Former Senator Durbin Intern Shares Experience of 9/11 Tragedy

By: Lou Gale As we approach and pass the anniversary of September 11th, I wanted to share an email I wrote to a large group of friends following that day.  At the time I was an intern in Washington DC and was in the Capitol Building on September 11th.  Below is my email written onContinue reading “Former Senator Durbin Intern Shares Experience of 9/11 Tragedy”

Crime will continue to be the definitive local issue in 2022

By: Christopher Ryan Crisanti Crime has probably been the hyperlocal, defining issue of 2021 and with no signs of the numbers decreasing, it seems like this trend will continue in 2022. Prairie State Policy has published a few pieces as it relates to crime. One particularly notable piece illustrated where homicides occur in the cityContinue reading “Crime will continue to be the definitive local issue in 2022”

“Weak mayor” vs. “strong mayor” systems of government

By: Christopher Ryan Crisanti Mayor Lori Lightfoot recently unveiled her 2022 budget proposal to the City Council. While normally delivered in mid-October, the annual budget address not only provides an overview of the city’s fiscal priorities, but also reflects the significance and the power of the position of “mayor.” As the chief executive of aContinue reading ““Weak mayor” vs. “strong mayor” systems of government”

State journalism task force is good for local journalism

By: Christopher Ryan Crisanti In July of this year I wrote about why local journalism matters not only for our communal well-being, but for our democracy as well. As more small, local newspapers have been purchased, there is the concern that the out-of-community corporation ownership has the potential erode local news. Moreover, some communities areContinue reading “State journalism task force is good for local journalism”

Local 701 labor strike reminds us why unions matter for the economy

By: Christopher Ryan Crisanti Automobile Mechanics Union Local 701 earlier this month went on strike after contract talks with New Car Dealer Committee stalled. For those of use who live in Southwest burbs, the signs held by individuals occupied outside car dealerships made it apparent. The fight for a better contract reminds us of whyContinue reading “Local 701 labor strike reminds us why unions matter for the economy”

Eek! Gas prices

One national issue that normally hits home locally is gas prices. We feel the effect of these prices daily: commuting to work, traveling out of state, and driving to the grocery store and restaurants. These high gas prices cut into what goods and services we would otherwise spend money on. Economics aside, it goes withoutContinue reading “Eek! Gas prices”

The Erosion of Local News is Real and Why You Should be Concerned

By: Christopher Ryan Crisanti Prairie State Policy was founded on the premise that state and local government matters. With the public conversation more often than not titled toward national issues, the purpose of the blog is to try to shift that pendulum back and message why local and state issues are just, if not more,Continue reading “The Erosion of Local News is Real and Why You Should be Concerned”

Municipalities will need to (eventually) invest in aging water lines

By: Christopher Ryan Crisanti A recent front-page story from The Chicago Tribune noted that nearly 8 of every 10 residents live in communities with high exposure to lead in their tap water from very old and depreciating service line pipes. Many, if not nearly all, of pipes in Illinois were installed over 100 hundred yearsContinue reading “Municipalities will need to (eventually) invest in aging water lines”

Why Federal Economic Stimulus Matters for State and Local Governments

By: Christopher Ryan Crisanti Fiscal stimulus is not meant to simply be a generous act by the federal government to provide financial help to struggling Americans. Rather, the public policy serves a major economic purpose to stimulate economic activity by increasing aggregate demand for goods and services. In normal economic times, the Federal Reserve reliesContinue reading “Why Federal Economic Stimulus Matters for State and Local Governments”