What reassigning CPD’s tactical officers to patrol districts means

A recent letter from Alderman Marty Quinn of the 13th Ward called for Superintendent Brown, head of the Chicago Police Department (CPD), to reverse the decision in which tactical officers would be reassigned to beat cars. This piece explains what that means. Since 1994, Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy (CAPS) has been implemented in which communities, theContinue reading “What reassigning CPD’s tactical officers to patrol districts means”

Crime will continue to be the definitive local issue in 2022

By: Christopher Ryan Crisanti Crime has probably been the hyperlocal, defining issue of 2021 and with no signs of the numbers decreasing, it seems like this trend will continue in 2022. Prairie State Policy has published a few pieces as it relates to crime. One particularly notable piece illustrated where homicides occur in the cityContinue reading “Crime will continue to be the definitive local issue in 2022”

Something stinks on Chicago’s Southwest Side

Midway Defective Windows Cause for Concern Residents of Chicago’s Midway area have been couping with the smell of odorous chemicals coming from the installation of soundproof windows procured by Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA). The issue began over ten years ago, when the city of Chicago created the Midway Residential Sound Insulation Program (RSIP) toContinue reading “Something stinks on Chicago’s Southwest Side”

What’s the controversy with firefighter pensions?

Governor J.B. Pritzker recently signed a bill which alters cost-of-living adjustments (COLA) for firefighter pensions moving forward. At issue was how pension benefits are given to Chicago firefighters. Previously, any Chicago firefighter who was born on or after January 1st received a non-compounded 1.5% COLA with a cumulative cap of 30% (as long as theyContinue reading “What’s the controversy with firefighter pensions?”

Municipal Snow Management During the Winter

Overview Illinois, especially the northern part of the state, falls victim of a high abundance of snow during the winter. Massive snow fall not only creates inconvenience, but potentially dangerous conditions. Moreover, poor planning can deplete reserves and put a strangle hold on budgets as municipalities coop with maintenance of roads, snow removal, liability claims,Continue reading “Municipal Snow Management During the Winter”