Federal Reforms Are Badly Needed

By: Lou Gale Our federal constitution dates back to the 18th Century.  By comparison, the Illinois Constitution dates all the way back to 1977, when I was just three years old.  That fact alone indicates our nation needs a constitutional refresher.  Congressman Sean Casten recently released a package of government reforms called a Common SenseContinue reading “Federal Reforms Are Badly Needed”

Changing Societal Norms and Culture Requires Reexamining Our History

[On race and society]  By: Christopher Ryan Crisanti Published: June 21, 2020 The murder of George Floyd has provoked discussion of racism and social justice into other areas of society, such as sports and pop culture. While some contend this is inappropriate or unnecessary, the reality is that change is only possible through reshaping societalContinue reading “Changing Societal Norms and Culture Requires Reexamining Our History”