Eek! Gas prices

One national issue that normally hits home locally is gas prices. We feel the effect of these prices daily: commuting to work, traveling out of state, and driving to the grocery store and restaurants. These high gas prices cut into what goods and services we would otherwise spend money on. Economics aside, it goes withoutContinue reading “Eek! Gas prices”

Why Federal Economic Stimulus Matters for State and Local Governments

By: Christopher Ryan Crisanti Fiscal stimulus is not meant to simply be a generous act by the federal government to provide financial help to struggling Americans. Rather, the public policy serves a major economic purpose to stimulate economic activity by increasing aggregate demand for goods and services. In normal economic times, the Federal Reserve reliesContinue reading “Why Federal Economic Stimulus Matters for State and Local Governments”

Illinois’ GDP

A Look at the State’s GDP Performance Overview The state of Illinois is currently the sixth most populous state, is the economic engine of the Midwest, and has the fifth highest GDP in the Union. Moreover, Illinois’ economy is so big that is the equivalent to that of Switzerland. This blog provides a snapshot ofContinue reading “Illinois’ GDP”