Why Run for Office

[The following was originally published on 9/9/19 and then updated 8/29/2022] By: Lou Gale I’m not sure who said it, but democracy is not a spectator sport.   A similar sentiment was more eloquently said by Teddy Roosevelt, who said that the average citizen must be a good citizen if our republic is to succeed. Continue reading “Why Run for Office”

Plan established to help replace lead pipes

This is a follow-up to a post titled, “Municipalities will need to (eventually) invest in aging water lines.” You can read about it here. The Spring 2021 legislative session is rounding up and lawmakers have addressed the state’s lead pipe issue by passing legislation requiring water utilities to replace lead service lines while also creating aContinue reading “Plan established to help replace lead pipes”

How Redistricting Works

Overview The Illinois Constitution of 1970 mandates that legislative maps are changed every 10 years. Additionally, the Federal government also requires that a U.S. census be commissioned ever 10 years as well to record data on demographic and socio-economic changes in the country. The census data is used as a mechanism so that the newlyContinue reading “How Redistricting Works”

What is Home Rule?

Background The concept of home rule was first adopted in Article VII, Section 6 of the Illinois Constitution of 1970 to give units of local government greater power to pursue, implement, and administer its own policy initiatives, rather than the intervention of the state’s interests and power. Specifically, it allows municipalities of populations greater than 25,000 toContinue reading “What is Home Rule?”

Analyzing State Population Growth Among Various Income Tax Structures

Abstract While it was previously argued that gradual income taxation did not decrease population growth in Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota, some still remain fixated that graduated income taxation will result in an outmigration of individuals to other states. This brief study analyzes population growth for each state from 2010 to 2019 and then seeks toContinue reading “Analyzing State Population Growth Among Various Income Tax Structures”

Back-to-School Angst During COVID-19

By: Elyse Hoffenberg  Contributing Writer Lately, every time I bump into an acquaintance or friend, the question inevitably arises, “will you send your kids back to school or will they remote learn?”  It is an issue weighing on every parent’s and even some grandparents’ minds. For me, the question is particularly worrisome and distressing asContinue reading “Back-to-School Angst During COVID-19”

A Contemporary Solution to Help Expand Voting Access in Illinois

By: Quinn Newman Topic: Online Voting Issue: Expanding Voting Access During COVID-19 Problem: The spread of COVID-19 in Illinois has many concerned about the structure and process of the November election. Considering the dangers of in-person voting for a majority of the population, alternative measures need to be pursued. Voting by mail could be a potentialContinue reading “A Contemporary Solution to Help Expand Voting Access in Illinois”

Dissecting Illinois’ Public Pension Issue: Part I

The State of Illinois has accumulated roughly $137 billion in public pension debt at the end of 2019. This is money owed to state employees who have retired as a severance to their public service and work. The massive amount of debt is an issue because as the underfunded liabilities grow, it will continue toContinue reading “Dissecting Illinois’ Public Pension Issue: Part I”