State journalism task force is good for local journalism

By: Christopher Ryan Crisanti In July of this year I wrote about why local journalism matters not only for our communal well-being, but for our democracy as well. As more small, local newspapers have been purchased, there is the concern that the out-of-community corporation ownership has the potential erode local news. Moreover, some communities areContinue reading “State journalism task force is good for local journalism”

New census numbers debunk the common perception of exodus (At least for Chicago and Suburbs)

Here in Illinois, there is the common perception that the state faces a crisis of mass exodus due to high property taxes, political corruption, and fiscal challenges. While these problems certainly do exist, recent U.S. Census data indicates the common perception may not be as serious as the reality. First, it is true that IllinoisContinue reading “New census numbers debunk the common perception of exodus (At least for Chicago and Suburbs)”

Local 701 labor strike reminds us why unions matter for the economy

By: Christopher Ryan Crisanti Automobile Mechanics Union Local 701 earlier this month went on strike after contract talks with New Car Dealer Committee stalled. For those of use who live in Southwest burbs, the signs held by individuals occupied outside car dealerships made it apparent. The fight for a better contract reminds us of whyContinue reading “Local 701 labor strike reminds us why unions matter for the economy”

Over $16 billion in infrastructure help coming for Illinois

Congress has passed President Biden’s landmark $1 trillion infrastructure bill which will provide aid to states to help build bridges, maintain roads, construct broadband access, and much more. While it is still to be determined how much money Illinois will be exactly receiving, Senators Durbin and Duckworth have noted the following: It should also beContinue reading “Over $16 billion in infrastructure help coming for Illinois”

Eek! Gas prices

One national issue that normally hits home locally is gas prices. We feel the effect of these prices daily: commuting to work, traveling out of state, and driving to the grocery store and restaurants. These high gas prices cut into what goods and services we would otherwise spend money on. Economics aside, it goes withoutContinue reading “Eek! Gas prices”

Two credit rating agencies increase state’s bond rating. Third awaits

The following is a continuation of the piece The State‚Äôs Bond Ratings Over the Years. Read about it here. Prairie State Policy previously published a piece illustrating the state’s bond rating over the years. Good news was delivered the last few weeks as two of the major three credit rating agencies have upgraded the state ofContinue reading “Two credit rating agencies increase state’s bond rating. Third awaits”

The Erosion of Local News is Real and Why You Should be Concerned

By: Christopher Ryan Crisanti Prairie State Policy was founded on the premise that state and local government matters. With the public conversation more often than not titled toward national issues, the purpose of the blog is to try to shift that pendulum back and message why local and state issues are just, if not more,Continue reading “The Erosion of Local News is Real and Why You Should be Concerned”

Where homicides occur in Chicago

There is often a false narrative circulated that the city of Chicago as a whole is a dangerous place, specifically when it comes to homicides. However, data indicates that the balk of homicides is actually spread more unevenly throughout the city with the violence heavily concentrated on the West and South Side. Using the cityContinue reading “Where homicides occur in Chicago”

Illinois’ Improved Fiscal Outlook (Through Charts)

This past legislative session was regarded as a major improvement to the fiscal condition of the State of Illinois. Many media organizations reported that with the help of the much needed American Rescue Plan (ARP) funds, as well as enhanced economic activity from the pandemic’s end in sight, Illinois (oddly) seems to (finally) be onContinue reading “Illinois’ Improved Fiscal Outlook (Through Charts)”