The State’s Bond Ratings Over the Years

Overview A bond rating grades the credit worthiness of the state or municipality. The stronger the bond rating, the greater ability for the state or municipality to borrow at lower interest ratings and better deal to finance projects, fund services or service debt. This piece looks at the state’s bond ratings in prior years. TheContinue reading “The State’s Bond Ratings Over the Years”

Fiscal Pain From Fair Tax Defeat Will Be Broad-Based, Especially for Tax Payers

By: Christopher Ryan Crisanti Illinois voters convincingly struck down Gov. Pritzker‚Äôs fair tax initiative, which would have allowed the General Assembly to levy higher taxes on those who make more than $250,000 a year, while also providing relief to those who make less than $100,000. Gov. Pritzker recently responded by noting that painful cuts willContinue reading “Fiscal Pain From Fair Tax Defeat Will Be Broad-Based, Especially for Tax Payers”

How Redistricting Works

Overview The Illinois Constitution of 1970 mandates that legislative maps are changed every 10 years. Additionally, the Federal government also requires that a U.S. census be commissioned ever 10 years as well to record data on demographic and socio-economic changes in the country. The census data is used as a mechanism so that the newlyContinue reading “How Redistricting Works”