Over $16 billion in infrastructure help coming for Illinois

Congress has passed President Biden’s landmark $1 trillion infrastructure bill which will provide aid to states to help build bridges, maintain roads, construct broadband access, and much more.

While it is still to be determined how much money Illinois will be exactly receiving, Senators Durbin and Duckworth have noted the following:

Figure 1: Chart created by Prairie State Policy via data reported from The Chicago Sun-Times.

It should also be noted that these values are over a five-year period. As previously published by Prairie State Policy, Illinois has a major lead pipe issue so it will be interesting to see how much revenue the state will end up receiving.

Check back here in the near future for updates on the exact amounts and any additional investments which find its way into the final the bill. We will also most likely publish a more comprehensive piece on infrastructure spending once the House passes the bill, the final touches are in place and President Biden signs off.

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